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Traffic Signal Technology Factory

Traffic Signal Technology Factory (TSTF) is a traffic safety factory based in Dammam 2nd industrial area. TSTF supplies solutions as well as products to those who are concerned with it. This is achieved by offering high quality and reasonably priced solutions such as traffic controllers, traffic signs and more. The factory was first founded in 2002 and specialized in traffic signal systems of the highest quality and reliability. Now TSTF provides all safety-related products such as traffic signs, driver feedback speed signs, variable message signs, speed bumps, safety cones, etc.

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Our Services

Traffic Signal Technology Factory delivers, installs and services world-class solutions for traffic control equipment. With a 16 years experience in the traffic field and a long-standing reputation in traffic solutions, TSTF is one of the most significant distributor of traffic control products and systems. A leader in K.S.A and well acknowledged in many Traffic System all over the K.S.A. TSTF can offer custom-made systems that are designed and constructed for customer special needs while product upgrades and new products are released regularly for guaranteeing increased efficiency and always more innovative. The management of all operating functions is organized according to a Quality System in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 European Regulation. All the equipment and products, which require the homologation by the Ministry of Public Transports, have achieved the relevant certification.


Traffic Signs are manufactured from aluminium extruded blanks 3mm thickness of aluminium sheets covered with reflection sheets that verified by Saudi ARAMCO oil company , ROYAL COMMISSION and Saudi Ministry of Transportation etc.

Operation and Maintenance

Established in 1982, the Operation & Maintenance TSTf has offered relevant services to set up its finest practices, enhanced effectiveness and improved performance in managing its projects. It has 30 years of expertise when it comes to operation and maintenance services run by versatile and well experienced technical manpower. We actively support and participate within the economic varied programs of Saudi Arabia in order to make a feasible organizational base. We are backed up by our maintenance management staff along with other skilled personnel to execute tasks in repair and maintenance activities.


Our products

MAKING TECHNOLOGY WORK FOR BUSINESS Technology and Innovation are at the core of TSTF operations and its vision for the future. We invest heavily in research programs over all our product categories to maintain our reputation as innovators and to keep our competitive lead. Our advanced technology, however, is only as useful to us as it is to our customers. That is why we provide comprehensive Customer Technical Support (CTS) services directly to our customers in Saudi Arabia and worldwide. Our CTS department was created to serve all our customer’s needs by providing superior technical support - from skilled engineers and experts on all aspects of our products and services.